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Black Lives Matter

Coralie & Ineke Coralie & Ineke 03 Jun 2020 Black Lives Matter

⁣It is not merely an obligation as a white ally in this day and age to step up and ‘give a damn’ - it is a responsibility. Alongside many other businesses this week, we are taking the time to educate ourselves and our model of business to do better. Our very name states that one should ‘shop like you give a damn’, and we as a business can do better. ⁣

It’s safe to say, the world right now is a lot. Just opening news sources, social media and talking to others can be a very overwhelming experience. As a team we have been watching, learning, teaching, apologising, protesting and empathising alongside a lot of the world right now. However we are safe and privileged in doing so in the socio-economic comfort of our skin. This is not the case for the black community who have been systematically shoved to the side. ⁣

Justice and equality in all facets of life are interconnected and change needs to be intersectional. It is not enough for us to highlight vegan, sustainable and fair fashion in order to ‘give a damn’ and we are currently re-examining these intersections of change in relation to race and are committed to walking the walk. ⁣

To the black community, we hear you, we see you, we may not fully understand, but we stand with you and will show it. ⁣

These weeks are a time of discussion, reflection and action and we are taking this time to reevaluate and introduce actionable measures to ensure that within our business we stand with you.